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The Practice

EnviroGulf Consulting was formed as an independent environmental consultancy based on the Principal's local and international consulting experience over a period of 31 years (see Principal's CV). The Principal has also a total of 43 years experience in water pollution ecology and three years work experience at a gold/copper mine in Papua New Guinea.

EnviroGulf Consulting is committed to providing professional, cost-effective services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of clients.

General Services

Natural resource-based projects requiring environmental impact or risk assessments, evaluation of the behaviour, fate and ecotoxicological impacts of wastes and wastewaters in receiving water environments, water quality and biological impact assessment, environmental management and monitoring plans, peer reviews and environmental troubleshooting are the mainstream of the firm's consulting practice.

EnviroGulf Consulting integrates environmental planning with other aspects of project planning, development, and implementation leading to specific environmental approvals for clients' projects.

The Principal of EnviroGulf Consulting collaborates closely with other experienced specialist consultants on a project case-by-case basis. This reflects our combined approach of using personnel with significant senior experience in small teams to efficiently deliver projects and, as a consequence, maximise value to our clients and their projects. EnviroGulf Consulting's in-house expertise and use of specialist sub-consultants possess the full range of capabilities needed to prepare comprehensive and specific environmental studies.

The firm practices strict management controls in scheduling, critical path analysis, quality control and assurance, and costing in review of final environmental documents (the product).

Consulting Services

EnviroGulf Consulting offers the following services to clients:


Specialist Areas and Expertise

The Principal of EnviroGulf Consulting has expertise in the following areas:

Please see the Principal's CV for additional specialist areas and expertise.



Project Experience

The Principal of EnviroGulf Consulting has carried out environmental consulting assignments in the following countries: Australia, Denmark, Fiji, Ghana, Iraq, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Example projects are listed below:

Mining and minerals industry:

A total of 46 mining or mineral processing projects comprising:


Oil and Gas Industry:

A total of 22 oil and gas industry projects comprising:


Pulp and Paper Industry:

A total of 3 pulp or paper mill projects comprising:



Forestry and Forest Products Industry:

A total of seven forest management projects comprising:


Electric Industry:

Three electric industry or HVDC transmission projects comprising:


Miscellaneous Projects (see Principal's CV):

A total of six miscellaneous infrastructure projects comprising:

Please see the Principal's CV for project details.






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