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Mining and Environmental Management Systems

EnviroGulf Consulting provides advice and guidance on implementing an environmental management system (EMS) based on the ISO 14001 Standard. EnviroGulf Consulting offers a mining sector-specific EMS implementation help and guidance service.

Some mining companies conduct their environmental management planning either solely in response to regulatory requirements or to address their main environmental issues, but tend to address environmental problems on an ad hoc basis as they arise (reactive approach). However, EnviroGulf Consulting's proactive approach to EMSs allows systematic identification and prioritisation of environmental aspects and impacts, including those not regulated, and also allows greater consideration of off-specification or upset conditions that may arise at a mining facility by promoting emergency preparedness and dry-run tests of potential upset conditions.

In general, mining operations that have implemented either a formal (with ISO 14001 certification) or informal (without formal certification or self-declared) EMS have found real and valuable benefits. Positive outcomes in terms of improved environmental performance, assured legal compliance and energy and material efficiencies can be expected by EMS implementation. A sound EMS also helps a mining company to identify its responsibilities beyond simple compliance.

An effective EMS formally defines and puts into place the structure, practices, procedures, processes and resources necessary to ensure sustained regulatory compliance and continuous improvement in environmental performance. Channels of communication, skills, knowledge and attitude are all improved in mining companies that adopt and implement an EMS. An effective EMS may also be viewed as means of improving upon and integrating existing environmental management practices and/or programs.

Finally, a sound EMS can enhance a mining company's image and provide assurance to a mining company's board of directors, stockholders and other stakeholders (regulatory authorities, environmental agencies, and the public) that the company will continue to meet regulatory compliance requirements and is prepared to improve its overall environmental performance.

Benefits of EMS Implementation

EMS implementation allows a mining company to anticipate the changing expectations of the public as well as constant changes in environmental laws and regulations. An effective EMS adopts new ways of providing continuous improvement in a mining company's efforts to manage environmental compliance and performance.

Any mining company faced with the decision of whether or not to implement an informal EMS or a formal ISO 14001-based EMS must estimate the potential benefits and costs. Accurately predicting the actual benefits and costs can be quite difficult. The benefits and costs relate directly to the size of a mining company and/or facility and the environmental impacts of its activities. An equally important factor is the extent to which a mining company and/or facility already has the elements of an informal EMS or ISO 14001 EMS in place.

Typical benefits of an effective EMS:



Consulting Services

EnviroGulf Consulting's consulting services provide guidance and support to mine management in the design, planning and implementation of an effective EMS that is tailored to the management structure, style and culture, the operations, and the particular environmental issues and concerns at a mining site and/or facility.

EnviroGulf Consulting encourages mining companies to move 'beyond regulatory compliance' through continual improvement and pollution prevention by identifying environmental impacts and setting objectives to address them, within an appropriate timeframe.

Typical Services:



Relevant Experience

The Principal of EnviroGulf Consulting is experienced in identifying environmental aspects and impacts and has a long history of environmental impact assessment in the mining industry (see Principal's CV for details).







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