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Environmental Auditing

EnviroGulf Consulting provides an initial environmental review and auditing service to clients who wish to have their environmental management and monitoring programs critically appraised for relevance, comprehensiveness and credibility.

EnviroGulf Consulting undertakes environmental auditing assignments either as part of an audit team to complement technical and safety audits, or solely in the case of environmental reviews of small projects. The aim of the environmental audit is to provide management with information that confirms that their environmental programs meet corporate goals,and complies with regulatory authorities, company policies and standards.


Consulting Services

EnviroGulf Consulting offers the following services:


Initial Environmental Review

An initial environmental review provides a snapshot of a company's environmental performance at a particular moment in time. It involves collecting information on a company's environmental impacts and the management structures in place to deal with these impacts.

The main aim of the environmental review process is to appraise the validity and appropriateness of work performed and, as such, may be taken as a form of quality control. The environmental review involves collating all available information from company environmental reports and data summaries in order to check whether specific environmental programs are scientifically valid and that their implementation has been appropriate and timely, and that the results obtained are accurate and precise.

During the environmental review process, the original objectives and scope of work are re-appraised and the results from executed environmental programs are reviewed for relevance. In particular, current data-gathering activities are critically appraised for relevancy as follows:

EnviroGulf Consulting can review current work plans for specific projects. A review of the work plan also requires a clear identification of the environmental commitments and expectations that may be contained in agreements between a client and the regulatory authorities. Compliance of a client's operations within the existing regulatory framework will be a first point of reference for assessing the adequacy of environmental management and control measures.


Environmental Audit

An environmental audit is a tool to evaluate current management practices that may impact the environment. EnviroGulf Consulting conducts environmental audits in three phases:

Credibility Audit

The credibility audit is essentially technical and comprises the initial environmental review process outlined above.

Comprehensiveness Audit

The comprehensiveness audit is based on a general knowledge and familiarity of the industry being audited. A wide range of impacts associated with the kind of industry being examined is drawn upon to determine whether the existing operation has a program with adequate scope, including early warning of upset conditions that may lead to problems having environ-mental consequences. Normally, EnviroGulf Consulting sub-contracts a specialist in this field having expertise in the particular industry being audited and knowledge of processing plant operations and treatment technologies.

Relevance Audit

The relevance audit assesses the particular pertinence of monitoring programs to the nature and extent of expected and potential impacts. This audit involves a critical review of data gathering activities appraised in the credibility audit above.

Existing programs are rationalised and the quantity and quality of data gathered is made commensurate with the stated objectives.

Environmental Audit Report

The environmental audit report (EAR) will comprise:


Environmental Management Audit

EnviroGulf Consulting's environmental management audit is a systematic examination of a company's formal or informal environmental management system (EMS) that checks:

In general,companies may implement an EMS to provide opportunities to:

Auditing an EMS presents a valuable mechanism to check regulatory compliance and that mitigation measures are actually installed and functioning.

If EnviroGulf Consulting finds something that does not comply with the requirements of the EMS, or something that seems inappropriate, we will report on these findings to management.



Finally, confidentiality is strictly enforced by EnviroGulf Consulting on all our clients' data and information volunteered to any members of our environmental review and audit team.


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