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A principal area of expertise of EnviroGulf Consulting lies in preparing environmental impact assessments for the mining and minerals processing industry in association with other environmental consultants by offering complementary specialist inputs.

The Principal of EnviroGulf Consulting has a long association with the mining industry, having been employed within the industry (three years at a gold/copper mine as Senior Biologist) as well as having undertaken over 45 consulting and/or trouble-shooting assignments for mining projects and operating mines in Papua New Guinea (22 projects), Ghana (12), Australia (5) and one project each in Fiji, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, New Caledonia and The Philippines.

Consulting Services

EnviroGulf Consulting offers the following services to clients in the mining and minerals industry:

Environmental Planning

The most successful and cost-effective environmental controls are those controls that are integrated into a project during its design phase. Incorporation of modern pre-emptive design technologies during the early project planning process, can avoid environmental problems at a later date which are costly to remedy.


Feasibility Studies

EnviroGulf Consulting undertakes environmental assignments associated with the exploration, prefeasibility, feasibility and development phases of small projects. This entails site reconnaissance, preliminary baseline studies to collect and collate data needed for the preparation of environmental assessment documents (EIAs, etc.), environmental permitting, and early government agency communications and liaison on environmental concerns and matters.

During the project feasibility phase, mine plans and development strategies are largely unknown, waste management and disposal strategies are rudimentary, and mining companies do not generally have environmental teams onboard. EnviroGulf Consulting provides environmental consulting services to the mining and minerals industry to cover crucial aspects of the feasibility and development phases of new projects.

Environmental Impact Statements

Environmental impact assessment documents, such as, EIA, EIS, EM& MP, now form an essential regulatory requirement in the development planning process for new mines. The statement predicts the effects of the development on the environment.

From a mining industry perspective, the purpose of environmental impact assessment is to enable the proponents, in consultation with the government, to identify the key environmental aspects of their project as early as possible and ensure that their management is integrated into the planning process; to ensure that any adverse environmental impacts are minimised; and to act as an aid to decision making.

EnviroGulf Consulting undertakes government agency communications and liaison on behalf of clients to identify and mutually agree on environmental data requirements necessary to prepare impact assessment documentation.

Waste Disposal

Waste management and disposal strategies can give rise to contamination of natural drainages and coastal waters by the entry of mine-derived sediments and associated metal contaminants. The current trend of stricter legislative controls on waste and wastewater discharges means that waste management and disposal strategies need to be environmentally sound, whilst remaining economically viable.

EnviroGulf Consulting and specialist subconsultants are able to undertake complete environmental assessments of small projects which require waste characterisation, water quality and biological surveys, predictive ecotoxicological assessments, and the planning, design, and execution of cost-effective and efficient monitoring programs.


Relevant Experience

The Principal of EnviroGulf Consulting has been involved with the following mining projects and operations:




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