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Forestry and Water Quality

Road construction, deforestation and/or logging in a watershed may impose a variety of effects on the physical, chemical and biological character of receiving watercourses. When forests are clear felled or selectively logged, significant areas of surficial soils and sediments may be exposed to rainfall-based erosion and scour. Surface runoff to drainage lines may contain elevated concentrations of fine sediments, coarse and fine particulate organic matter, and nutrients.

Predictions can be made of the magnitude, frequency and duration of suspended sediment concentrations in receiving waters, based on sediment transport capacity calculations at different flow regimes. Reasonable forward estimates can be made of the transport and deposition of sediment in streams draining watersheds having forestry operations. These data can be used in a probabilistic assessment of water quality and aquatic biological impact.

Sources of Sediment

Sediments sources from forestry operations and entering receiving waters have direct and indirect sources, such as:

Technical Services

The following analyses can be performed by analytical laboratories subcontracted by EnviroGulf Consulting or measured in the field:

Consulting Services

EnviroGulf Consulting offers clients a consulting service centred on impact assessment of the effects of forestry operations on receiving water ecosystems.

The assessment of the effects of forestry developments and operations in mobilising sediments to receiving waters is complex. EnviroGulf Consulting uses a multidisciplinary approach using soil engineers and hydrologists where basic data is lacking. Otherwise relevant data is abstracted from Water Commission databases for the watershed under consideration.

EnviroGulf Consulting offers the following services to clients:

Hydrological and water quality (TSS) predictions:


Impact assessment:





Relevant Experience

The Principal of EnviroGulf Consulting has carried out numerous sediment impact assessments and evaluations, mainly in the field of mining [see Mining and Sediments]. The following are forestry-related experience:




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