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EnviroGulf Consulting undertakes environmental impact assessments mainly in relation water quality impacts to receiving freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems. Other areas of impact on aquatic fauna carried out by EnviroGulf Consulting include underwater noise and electro-magnetic fields.

Where environmental impacts are deemed to be unavoidable, EnviroGulf Consulting analyses and evaluates the impacts with an aim to quantifying the impact, assessing its significance at spatial and temporal scales, establishing mitigative or ameliorative measures and presenting environmental safeguards. Residual impacts are those which remain after the positive effects of mitigation measures and safeguards have been applied.

The prediction and evaluation of the principal impacts are based on knowledge of the existing environments likely to be affected, the results of previous studies, specific investigations carried out in support of an environmental impact assessment that provides quantitative data to support impact prediction, desk audits of the scientific literature, and professional judgement.

In the case of some impacts, quantitative predictions can be made and subsequent monitoring need only be minimal. For some impacts on the environment, predictions are difficult to quantify with the information currently available and where such accurate predictive capability is lacking, a correspondingly greater emphasis is placed on monitoring and/or research.

When investigating the environmental impacts of a proposal or project, EnviroGulf Consulting takes account of the fact that impacts can vary in how, when and whether they will arise, and where and by how much they may affect the environment. Impacts can also interact to cause other impacts that might be more significant than the original impacts. Impacts vary in:

Relevant Experience

The Principal of EnviroGulf Consulting has solid experience in the field of environmental impact assessment. The following are examples of completed environmental impact assessments in which the principal of EGC has either conducted solely or has been a specialist subconsultant with other environmental or engineering consultancies:

Oil and Gas Industry:


Mining and Minerals Industry:

Electric Industry:

Pulp and Paper Industries:



See Principal's CV for other EIA examples and experience.




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